Lamb Kebobs

Lamb Kebobs

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This tasty lamb kebobs recipe is just perfect for serving up during occasions and parties as it’s so easy to make, packed with flavour and with appetising spicy marinade. This recipe is based mainly on seasoning chopped lamb ¬†and then forming them around skewers.

Last summer, I grilled almost every day, obviously anyone can grill just about any food and it is always delicious. I like grilling most of my food especially bread, burgers, steaks, vegetables, chicken, fish etc.

Although I enjoy it all and don’t have a favorite, I often have a special space in my heart for grilled lamb kebobs. I can’t say what it is about the aroma of lamb cooking on the grill that is so engrossing, but each time I perceive the aroma, I would want to stop other things I am doing and relax to eat.

To make this appetising dish, firstly separate the meat from the bone and chop them into pieces with sharp knife.

Wash the meat thoroughly and add all the necessary ingredients. Then halve the bell peppers, remove seeds and slice each half into 8 pieces or as you wish. Also cut the onions into thick bits. Add everything together with the beef and allow to stand for at least 8 hours in the fridge to marinate.

When you are ready to grill the lamb, assemble the kebobs on the skewers by alternating the lamb with bell peppers and onions. Assemble them together as tightly as possible before grilling and remember to turn them over from time to time so as to cook properly.

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  • What amazing flavors you’ve combined on these lamb kebobs – incredible!

  • Meat on a stick. Yup, one of my favorite things! LOL I have a yummy turkey kebap that I do (and will be posting/blogging on next week!) and it’s one of our family favs. These look fantastic!

    • That’s great Dee Dee. Looking forward to your turkey kebab, hopefully you will share the recipe with us here.

  • A delicous flavor combination — I love the use of spices and when it’s warmer where I live and I am ready to venture to the outdoor grill, I will be making these! Cheers!

    • Glad to know Barbara. I can tell that you are already looking forward to summer.
      Keep the enjoyment on.

  • These look absolutely fabulous. I love the flavors going on here, but think I would substitute blanched pearl onions for the sliced onions, but aside from that, it’s brilliant!

    • Thanks Jerry and there’s no doubt that you can substitute it the way you want it.

  • During the summer I grill all the time too. I LOVE it! These lamb kebobs look a like a great addition to the grilling routine.

    • It will be awesome to add this lamb kebobs to your grilling routine. Enjoy!