Roasted Bourbon Chicken

Roasted Bourbon Chicken

Roasted Bourbon Chicken

There is almost nothing most delicious,  tender and tantalizing than a freshly roasted bourbon chicken.  Very palatable and super easy to make.  Still warm from the oven, coated with bourbon whiskey, ginger juice, pepper, light soy sauce and salt, it surely can’t get any better than this.  Bourbon chicken is a popular American dish named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

The recipe requires the chicken to be marinated in the ingredients mixed together and it is so easy to make. For this recipe, I left the chicken whole and I didn’t use brown sugar unlike what is obtainable from most of the bourbon chicken recipes. I have been roasting these bourbon chicken for some years now and they are among my favorite chicken dishes. I love variations and this time around, I made sure the sauce is light and not too thick, which is why the chicken itself looks very colourful and free from sticky sauce. The recipe can be tweaked the way you like it and it usually comes out well. Give it a try and I bet you will love it.

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