seasoned chicken
This weekend, instead of serving fish or lamb with vegetables, I chose to go with a roasted whole chicken. The dish is quite easy to prepare and the ingredients are not too difficult to come buy.
The secret tip for making yummy and juicy chicken dish is to parboil the chicken before either frying, roasting or grilling. Parboiling literally means boiling chicken in water until it is partially cooked.
It is noteworthy that water must cover the entire chicken before parboiling so that the entire chicken will be properly parboiled. Afterwards, the chicken is removed from the water before further cooking.
The ideal time to remove the chicken from the boiling water is once large quantity of foam starts appearing on the surface of the water. At this point, the water can be discarded and the chicken seasoned properly before further roasting, frying or grilling.
freshchicken parboiled chicken
Parboiling chickens do not only makes cooking them very easy and quick but makes the chicken so juicy and delicious. Honestly, the end result is usually amazing and the flavors of ingredients and lemon drizzled over the chicken makes a perfect balance in this colorful and appetizing dish.
This roasted whole chicken recipe couldn't have been simpler as shown on this site. Try out the simple recipe shown below and your taste bud will always long for this dish.


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