Salad Shirazi

Salad Shirazi


Salad shirazi is a favourite Middle East salad prepared mainly with thinly chopped salad vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. For this recipe, I have tweaked it with some radishes and some hard boiled eggs for garnishing. Although some Salad shirazi are mixed with herbs, spices, olive oil and lemon juice, I decided not to include these ingredients in this particular salad and believe me, this particular Salad shirazi still came out very nice with appetising taste you can’t afford to miss.


If you think of an easy way of preparing your own version of Salad shirazi, then this recipe is a simple guide! The Salad shirazi is classical, so easy-to-make, so refreshing, so palatable and above all so healthy.  Whether mixed with herbs, spices and lemon or not, all are very palatable in their own way. While I pretty much enjoy every bit of the vegetables used, I am particularly after the eggs and fresh tomatoes {Winks}…. But whatever,,,,, the entire Salad shirazi is a real spot on for me. 

Salad_Khorfeh.(2)Gratefully, I happened to have come across all my desired vegetables at the grocery shop near my house which prompted me to prepare this salad and I can say for sure that it wasn’t a bad idea at all! With a colourful looking Salad shirazi, decorated with tomatoes and eggs, they just make a perfect side dish. I prepared this Salad shirazi in a large quantity to ensure that it served my visitors which was absolutely satisfying, but I am pretty sure that a little smaller portion would have been just less time consuming for me.


Notwithstanding, I still prepared this salad pretty quickly after I had boiled the eggs, potatoes and cut all the vegetables because I needed them right away for my visitors and this salad came out very nice. So if you are searching for a refreshing, yummy and appetising Salad shirazi, search no further but rather follow the simple salad shirazi recipe detailed below for your own version!

If you find this Salad shirazi recipe interesting, please do leave us a comment on the comment box below.


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  • I’ve never tried Salad Shirazi, looks wonderful…and so colorful!

    • It’s such a colourful, healthy and refreshing salad.

      Do give it a try Mischa and I bet you will enjoy it.

  • It looks like confetti – so beautiful! I love the addition of eggs for a bit of protein, too.

    • You are just spot on Heather! It looks so much like Confetti and you are so right about the proteinous aspect of this salad Shirazi.

      Many thanks for your comment.

  • So colorful! Definitely a go-to for a winter pick me up.

    • Thanks Lauren. It’s absolutely a perfect pick for winter.


  • I’d never heard of shirazi but it looks so fresh and colorful! I could even imagine using this salad as a condiment.

    • This salad shirazi will make a perfect condiment for you Alisa.
      Give it a try.

  • I love middle eastern salads! The ingredients are always fresh, interesting and healthy. Definitely going to try this the next time I grill. 🙂

    • Waoh, glad to hear this Lila.

      I bet you will enjoy it whenever you try it… Thanks