Salmon and Vegetable Sushi Recipe

Salmon and Vegetable Sushi Recipe

salmon and vegetable sushi recipe.

Sushi is a Japanese recipe made of cooked vinegared rice. It can be mixed with other ingredients of choice like prawns, salmon, fruits and  vegetables however, this particular sushi recipe features salmon, carrot, cucumber and bell peppers.

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The method of preparation and the ingredients used vary widely but one commonality of sushi is rice otherwise referred to as shari.  

The first step involves, parboiling the sushi rice with boiling water for at least 5 mins before washing off the starchy water for the final cooking……….

salmon and vegetable sushi recipe (1)salmon and vegetable sushi recipe (2)After washing off the starchy water, add the sushi rice back into the pot, pour boiling water, add salt to taste and continue cooking until the rice is tender and properly done.

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Then at this point, you can slit your vegetables into pieces as shown in the diagram.

salmon and vegetable sushi recipe (4)


Then also make sure that the salmon, seaweed and  the rolling mat are all ready.

salmon and vegetable sushi recipe (6)

jsalmon and vegetable sushi recipe (8)

Wash your hands and then spread a thin layer of rice on the sheet of nori, press rice into a thin layer and arrange  cucumber, bell peppers, carrot and salmon in a line down the centre of the rice.
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Lift one end of the mat before gently rolling and pressing it over the ingredients.

salmon and vegetable sushi recipe (7)

Afterwards, slice the rolled sushi accordingly or as desired before serving.

salmon and vegetable sushi recipe.

This salmon and vegetable sushi recipe is very easy to make, healthy and delicious. It’s nutritional value varies greatly  from one roll to the other, and in contemporary and local dishes.

It is obvious that sushi may appear small, but every  little piece contains tonnes of calories based on one’s requirements. I encourage you to try out this salmon and vegetable sushi recipe at home for an appetising and fulfilling taste. 

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  • Sushi has been on my list of things to make for so long now, and this is such an inspiration! Yours looks beautiful!

    • Oh thanks Faith for your lovely comment. Then go ahead and make it.

  • This looks SO good! We are big sushi fans, but it’s been ages since we’ve made our own at home. Love the idea of smoked salmon – you only need a little!

    • Glad to hear this Alisa. Well you can revive your sushi eating habit again.
      Smoked salmon is just a very good combination for me and I know you will love it if you try it.

  • Michelle@Healthiersteps

    Thanks for your step by step tutorial Blessing. Looks really simple and easy to prepare!

    • You are welcome Michelle. Yes, it is absolutely simple, thanks.

  • My son took me to a sushi making class for Mother’s Day last year and I promised myself I’d try making sushi at home – it never happened. You’ve inspired me to give it a go. Love the tutorial!

    • You’ve got a very thoughtful son indeed. Don’t disappoint him Joanie, go ahead and surprise him with some appetizing sushi.