Yesterday, I was trying to decide on what to cook for lunch. Since pasta recipes had been on my mind lately and besides I had a pack of vermicelli pasta lying in the cupboard, so I decided to just go for it. Although the original vermicelli pasta calls for pairing the pasta with tomato soup or any soup of choice, but I decided to cook the both separately.

I love this vermicelli pasta with tomato stew to bits because the meal came out pretty well, looking so hearty, tantalizing and full of all sorts of good things that are equally good for the body, soul and mind :D

ankara_style_pasta (4)

BTW, vermicelli is an Italian conventional type of pasta that is similar to spaghetti but a lot more tiny than the other. Vermicelli pasta is sort of golden colour in appearance and very light weighted.

I tweaked the original recipe to work for me and the meal still turned out great. Besides, the ingredients can also be adjusted to fit your taste buds. Any type of spices, herbs, stock cubes can also be used in this recipe.

ankara_style_pasta (5)

The tomato stew came out well to form a really delicious toppings on the vermicelli pasta, which was filled with flavour, aroma and taste for your utmost delight. A mix of spices for flavour and some bay leaves for aroma were all held together with some chopped tomatoes, onions and corned beef!!!

The ingredients all fried up really thick and nice just as I expected it would turn out to be. Honestly, this is that quick and easy brunch or lunch that you can feel pretty happy eating on any day you feel comfortable doing so.


It all depends on what ingredients you like and have easily available in your kitchen. In as much you follow the recipe and keep the volume of water topping on the pasta approximately within the right proportion to avoid overcooking and then get the tomato stew rightly cooked, obviously I think both the pasta and stew will come out perfectly right on point ? ? ?

So play around with this recipe, use what you have easily available and come up with your own! Who knows, yours might even be more creative and tastier ?

ankara_style_pasta (3)
ankara_style_pasta (1)

I have no doubt that you will enjoy this meal because it sure was a winner for me.

Loads of Love From Blessing :D

Ankara pasta with stew



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