dak_dori_tang_spicy_korean_chicken_stew (1)Over the past few months I have become a big fan of Korean food. Until recently I had never tried a Korean food, but now I have had quite some of Korean dishes and I do enjoy some of them. Apparently my likeness for Korean dishes motivated me to prepare this special dar dori tang (spicy Korean chicken stew). IMG_0415This stew is packed with a lot of flavor, so you can add them to compliment other main dishes such as rice, beans and a lot of diverse food and this stew doesn’t really take much energy to prepare. Dak dori tang is a spicy Korean traditional chicken stew that is cooked with meaty chicken parts such as drumsticks, thighs and breasts tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots and loads of aromatic spices and herbs that add so much flavour to the dish. Some people can include soy sauce, gochujang or jalapenos but this is totally optional. IMG_0422Sometimes referred to as Dakbokkeumtang, this stew is super healthy and palatable and makes a perfect recipe. Super easy to prepare as you can just wash and cut the vegetables into chunks and add up all the ingredients into a cooking pot and allow to cook over medium heat until cooked and thickened. Just as easy as that! dak_dori_tang_spicy_korean_chicken_stew (2)One characteristic I love about this recipe is that once you throw in all the ingredients together in a pot, just place the pot on a cooker and allow to cook. Just as simple as that. The next thing you need to do is just to be on the watch out to know when it is properly cooked. And alas, you have for yourself a pot of perfectly cooked spicy Korean chicken stew.
dak_dori_tang_spicy_korean_chicken_stew (3)You musn’t be in Korea to prepare or eat this stew; just hit the supermarket,grab the necessary ingredients and make for yourself, family and friends a palatable chicken stew. It is also noteworthy that you can tweak the recipe just the way you want it to suit your taste bud. You can make it very thick or add more water to be in a soup form; either way is just perfect and works very well for me. Serve with cooked white rice or dip bread into the stew to have a tasty and healthy dish, perfect for any time of the year.dak_dori_tang_spicy_korean_chicken_stew (4)

dak_dori_tang_spicy_korean_chicken_stew (5)

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  • I am new to Korean cuisine as well, which is sad since not only living in Little Saigon, little Korea was less than 5 minutes away my entire life. This looks amazing and flavors look intense (in a good way.)

    • Interesting story indeed Michelle. I hope you try out the dish and thanks a lot for your compliment.

  • This sounds like a lovely Korean dish! I am so excited to try all those flavors! Yum!

    • Absolutely yummy! Give it a try Rebecca and I bet you’ll enjoy it..

  • This is a little outside of what the boyfriend and I “normally” eat, but that’s exactly why I love it. The flavors sound delicious – can’t wait to try it!

    • Glad to hear from you Christy.
      Yea, you can give it a try and I bet you’ll enjoy it.

  • Ikenna Okpala (כןג)λ

    Enjoyed eating this.. The taste is divine. Thanks sweetie for preparing this.