grilled chicken

Most Sundays, all I want for lunch is a simple grilled chicken, vegetables with rice dish. I suppose this is the case with most individuals as survey has it that many household prefer having chicken and rice for Sunday’s lunch. You are free to share your opinion regarding the above statement though………

Grilling a chicken is not a tedious task, and it is very delicious and so satisfying. Besides, I enjoy the aroma oozing out from the oven on opening the oven door and pulling out the grilled chicken.

Also preparing the rice dish is very easy and it is also optional to use a left over rice. See my rice recipe here.
For this recipe you grill the chicken and garnish it with onions, sweet green pepper, fresh tomatoes and cucumber.



I enjoy grilling, I can grill virtually anything and it is always delicious. I grill vegetables, burgers, beef steak, bread, fish, turkey and name it!

DSCF4549Besides, the smell from grilled food is usually very unique and appetising.

Homemade grilled chicken has become one of my favourite Sunday lunch. All I have to do is season the chicken and slide it into the oven. Then I wash and cut my veggies and prepare a quick rice dish or use leftover rice. I’ve realised that this is a perfect way of using up my rice dish.



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