Poha Thepla, Poha Paratha Recipe

Poha Thepla, Poha Paratha Recipe

Today, Jolly from  is sharing one of her favorite recipes on globalfoodbook.  This recipe is very popular in Indian and is known as Thepla which is another variation of parathas that has a great shelf-life with amazing flavor. Feel free to visit Jolly's blog and read more about this awesome recipe via jollyhomemeaderecipes.
There are several varieties of parathas such as methi paratha, onion paratha,  rice paratha, lachha paratha, fusion stuffed papad paratha and sambar paratha etc, but this recipe will feature the rice paratha also known as poha. Poha Thepla, Poha Paratha recipe is a twist on the famous Indian flat-bread and a popular Gujarati food.
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Poha Thepla, Poha Paratha is usually prepared using whole wheat flour, flattened rice(poha) and some selected chopped Indian herbs & spices as desired. Although different parts of India have different versions of Poha Thepla, the most important commonality is that it is usually prepared as a stuffed flat bread similar to aloo paratha.
Honestly, it is a perfect breakfast for all families and you can never go wrong preparing this palatable dish for yourself, your families and your friends. Even if you haven't made Poha for your family in the past, you can decide to give them a special treat with this special recipe and it is amazing how easy this snack is to prepare as well as less time consuming. I will definitely give this snacks a try myself and I hope you too will.
According to Jolly, poha thepla is super delicious when prepared in the right way and they come out very light and enticing. The snack is made with many healthy ingredients which automatically qualify them as healthy snacks as well. It is interesting to know that Poha thepla has now become an all time favorite snacks for many Indian homes, not because of any major reason but because they are healthy, easy to make, less time consuming and super delicious.
Follow the simple steps outlined below and prepare for yourself a palatable poha thepla.


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