Tangerine, Radish and Banana Smoothie

Tangerine, Radish and Banana Smoothie

tangerine_radish_and_banana_smoothieI love smoothies, always have and will always do! So for me, its  always exciting visiting the farmers market to buy assorted fresh fruits and vegetables. Usually it’s just my normal banana and mango smoothie but this time around, I decided that I needed to try making tangerine, radish and banana smoothie.

Basically, one can play around with any fruit of choice to make smoothie and there are thousands of fruits out there to choose from….. Most importantly is that these fruits are loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals and they add up to the much advocated 5-A-DAY programme.

To make the tangerine, radish and banana smoothie, all you need to do is to blend the selected fruits; tangerine, radish and banana all together with water to form an appetising smoothie. It is even optional to serve your own smoothie with tons of crushed ice. I wasn’t surprised that I really enjoyed this drink because it is super appetising and relaxing. Try out this smoothie and I bet you will certify it absolutely drinkable!

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  • I’m not really into smoothies but I’m willing to give this a try for my kids. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Many thanks Claudine for taking your time to visit my blog. Although you are not really into smoothies but I can assure you that you and your family will enjoy this particular smoothie.

      Again I encourage you to frequently make more smoothies for your kids any time you can, as it is part of the Wolrd Health Organisation recommended 5-A-DAY programme.

      I understand that most people find it difficult to include fruits in their menu however preparing it in a smoothie form helps out a lot and makes it easier to obtain all the health benefits attached to fruits.


  • from the looks of it, i think it is refreshing. though, i still dont know what tangerine and radish taste like if combined together, the banana alone makes me want to prepare it right now. thanks for the recipe!

    • Thanks Marichu for your comment!

      Trying out the recipe is the best way of clearing all your doubts about the taste of tangerine and radish combined together.

      Give it a try and I bet you will enjoy it!

  • I have never tried radish on a smoothie but I imagine it will complement the banana and tangerine well. Must try this!!

    • Absolutely Sanna, it’s a great complement for the banana and tangerine and I bet you will enjoy it.

      Give it a try.

  • I don’t have blender/juicer at home so I haven’t tried any smoothies recipe. I hope this year I can buy one.

    • Hi Michi, just work towards getting either of the two and I believe you will get one this year!

      I bet you will enjoy homemade smoothies once you try it out.

  • I haven’t tried out this smoothie recipe yet. Will try if I can get the ingredients here.

    • There is always a first time to everything, Dominique! So I encourage you to try out this recipe and I bet you will enjoy it.

  • I am too curious of this smoothies. Is it similar to fruit shakes? Why is it called smoothies? Fruits are my favorite. They do have a lot of nutritious benefit to offer for the consumers.

    • Glad to hear from you Gil…

      Yes, it can be called either fruit shake or smoothie because they are both made from smooth drink of fresh fruit blended or pureed with ice cream water, milk and yogurt for refreshment.

      Smoothies are very beneficial to the health due to the varying fruits added during production.
      I hope you enjoy it.

  • The smoothie looks refreshing. Like to try drinking smoothies especially that summer is coming here already.

    • Absolutely Maye! It’s just a perfect drink for refreshment and there is no doubt that it is a perfect drink for summer…

  • Radish has a very strong odor and taste. Will the other ingredients neutralizes these characteristic?

    • The other ingredients do neutralise the strong taste of radish to an extent. However, that strong taste gives this smoothie a unique refreshing taste that will prompt you to go for the smoothie over and over again.

      Try it out Allan and you will love it.

  • I love making smoothies but mostly greens. It’s one way to achieve the 5-a-day of fresh fruits and veggies. They are very healthy. Cheers to good health! 🙂

    • Cheers to good health Jess!

      You are damn right, smoothie is one way of achieving the WHO much advocated 5-A-DAY programme.

      I am glad you are already in the 5-A-DAY ride, so let’s enjoy it.

  • I also love to have smoothies everyday but sometimes I feel lazy lang because parang matrabaho sya But I sure know that this is really great for our body and hopefully I can make this as part of my daily habit.

    • Glad to hear from you Krizza. I understand that it can be quite challenging making smoothie everyday

      by some people however, you can start making it every other day and with time you’ll graduate to making it everyday.

      All the best.

  • I love smoothies. One these days, I’ll try this one. We usually make a huge batch of smoothies and store the pitchers in the fridge.

    • Happy to hear from you Katrina…. Making smoothies in large quantities and storing in the fridge is the best approach to minimising the challenge of everyday preparation.

      Keep it up and keep enjoying all the benefits of healthy eating.

  • I will try this out very soon! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks yummy!

    • You are much welcome Ron. Please do give it a try and I bet you will love it.

  • Smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables are really healthy. I hope I have more time to make some. 🙂

    • Smoothies are so healthy and appetising…..

      JanzCrystal, I do urge you to create time and make for yourself some smoothies.

  • Super easy to follow instructions and look so good. I love smoothies and do my kids. Def, try this recipe soon Sis. Thank you!:)

    • Anytime Melgie….
      Glad to hear from you and I am sure your family will enjoy the smoothie.

      • I have to get the ingredients this week! I’m excited! I know that my kids will going to love this, probably making more smoothies from now on. Thanks again Sis

        • Waoh! Glad to hear that Melgie..
          Definitely your kids will enjoy it and I encourage you to make it more often because it’s healthy for both adults and growing kids.
          Stay well Mel…

  • This is yummy, healthy and easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

  • i love smoothies..i just can’t imagine the taste of radish in it….

    • The taste of radish in smoothies is just amazing Jojo.

      Just give it a try and I bet you will love it.

  • Mia

    What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I loved this smoothie recipe.
    It looks refreshing. Keep on posting!