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Shoes off, coat off. Get me that dressing gown & slippers!Bliss, nothing better than a nice warm house after a long day outside in the bitter cold. It's dinner time and with a rumbling stomach I'm craving some fish and chips. The classic British meal we are famous for but can it be made quickly from scratch? Answer, yes if you know your kitchen down to a T! (And a glass of cider down your neck

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Some deliciously baked breaded chicken breasts to satisfy your taste-bud and appease any of your cravings. Flavorful, hearty, tasty, easy-to-make as well as suitable for enjoying at any time of the day.

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These paleo pan fried sardines are pretty easy to make, delicious and satisfying. I urge you to spice up your day with some sumptuous bites from these drooling sardines.

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Tomato stew is a very delicious delicacy that can be served with boiled rice or pasta.

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Growing up, my dear mummy rarely cooked egusi melon soup without boosting it with some ground osu (truffle). The amazing taste and texture osu adds to soup are just phenomenal and as such, it became an ingredient we never wanted to miss out in certain dishes especially the egusi soup.While my family and I were busy enjoying the delectable flavour and texture this priceless jewel offers, scientists

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Beef meat is amongst the most widely consumed meat in the world, accounting for about 25% of the global meat production. Researchers have shown that beef meat consists of low fat, approximately less than 5% (Scollan et., al. 2005). The United States, Brazil and China are the world's three largest consumers of beef meat, while the world's largest exporters of beef are Australia, Brazil, India and t

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Nutribullet Deluxe

Nutribullet is the ideal product to loose weight. It can easily break down any hardest food ingredient. It can shred tough skin easily.

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GLUTEN-FREE DIET: HOW BENEFICIAL IS IT TO OUR HEALTH?A gluten-free diet is a diet that strictly contains foods without gluten. On the other hand, gluten is a protein derived from Latin word glue which is a composite gotten from wheat, barley, rye and grains. Gluten makes a dough to easily expand and rise as well retain its shape with flexibility. It is often used in producing dermatological produ

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Catfish, cornmeal, corn flour, all-purpose flour, breadcrumbs

Southern Fried Catfish

When you think of a good fish recipe, think of Southern fried catfish! Very easy to prepare, super delicious and crispy.

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According to Mohanapriya et., al. (2013), lemon is a vital medicinal plant of the family Rutaceae which originated from Asia. Lemon fruit otherwise known as (Citrus × limon) grows on small, thorny trees of 10 to 20 feet height. The leaves are dark green in colour and are alternately aligned on the stem.Lemon fruit has smooth porous skin, oval in shape  and are greenish yellow to bright yellow in c

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Female animals of various species such as fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and birds are created to lay eggs which are eaten by human beings.Bird and reptile eggs consist of a protective shell, albumen (egg white), and vitellus (egg yolk) and the most type of consumed eggs are chicken, turkey, fish and duck. Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients used in cooking (Kumaravel et., al. 2012)

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A lovingly-written homage to the enchanting dishes of the Middle East.

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Kateh Recipe

Kateh recipe is a great rice recipe you can always go for. It's easy to make, fun to eat, healthy and very delicious. The main ingredient for preparing kateh is rice and the dish is considered the most simplest rice recipe due to it's ease of preparation.

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HFB 2: Greek Vegan Recipes With Kiki

Welcome to the second episode of this podcast. Blessing from www.globalfoodbook.com and Krystina from www.kouzounaskitchen.com are joined today by Kiki from www.thegreekvegan.com. In this podcast we discussed about traditional vegan meatless, diary-free and assorted food recipes which can be written, prepared, passed on and shared amongst everybody.

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Okra With Green Vegetables Soup

Okra with green vegetables soup is such a unique soup due to the high nutritional content of both okra and green vegetables. This green coloured with elongated ridged pods vegetable is a rich source of vitamin A, B6, C, Thiamin, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fibre and folic acid.

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Andrew James Ice Cream Machine

Winner of the Daily Mirror's Ice Cream Maker test (05.08.2014). The Ice Cream Maker was also recently voted by The Independent Newspaper as being in The Top Ten Best Ice Cream Makers The Andrew James ice cream machine makes delicious homemade ice cream in only 20-30 minutes. Includes 128 page recipe book packed with delicious recipes , written by Annette Yates Fast freezing insulated bowl with a large 1.45 litre capacity Makes ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt. extra large ingredient funnel

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Making a fruit smoothie like vanilla date smoothie is just the easiest recipe you can think of. Just think of an essential taste of freshness with this all-time favourite date shake.

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Khash soup is a nutritious winter soup suitable for warming up and relaxation especially during the cold weather although the soup can still be eaten any time of the year. It is a very palatable delicacy and so easy to prepare.

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Caesar Salad With Hard Boiled Eggs

When you think of a refreshing and delicious salad to make, think of caesar salad with hard boiled eggs. It is so easy to make, palatable, refreshing and very healthy to the body. Just follow the simple steps outlined in this recipe and prepare your own version of caesar salad.

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Making strawberry and raspberry smoothie is very simple, nutritive, satisfying and so refreshing for a re-freshened YOU. Just head over to the supermarket or farmers market to grab some packs of fresh strawberries and raspberries then the remaining task is just as good as done.

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