Atta Kathi Rolls

Atta Kathi Rolls


It is a pleasure to share an amazing Indian recipe from a fellow blogger Ritu who blogs over at scrumptiousindianrecipes.   I picked interest in this recipe because it is very easy to make, delicious and above all,  super healthy due to the assorted vegetables used for the fillings.

According to Ritu, whole wheat Kathi rolls with  veggies are very palatable and also a healthy variation of popular street food of north Indian. This is obtainable almost  in every corner of Capital city of India i.e ‘Delhi’, however it’s origin is rooted in ‘Kolkata’.

Most importantly, it is such an easy dish to prepare within a twinkling of an eye. You can tweak the recipe the way you like it! Be it spicy…..hotty……chilli…….or normal but whichever way you desire, your atta kathi rolls will definitely come out perfectly well and yummy…………

If you prefer it spicy,  then be ready to add more  red or green chilly peppers during preparation. It is vegetarian and egg-less,  so makes a perfect snack for everyone. It is better served warm or hot so as to prevent it from getting soggy which will reduce the texture and the taste. It is preferable to deep fry your atta kathi rolls so as to retain its crispy nature for a more appetizing taste.

atta kathi rolls (1)

To get your kids to enjoy vegetables, then atta kathi rolls are just the perfect snacks for them. It is also optional to add tomato ketchup in the veggies during preparation but this is totally your choice.

The goodnews is that this snack is such that you can even prepare it with leftover chapatis or flatbread as well as ingredients that are easily obtainable from your kitchen. You can just tweak the fillings the way you like it and be rest assured for a perfect breakfast or all-day-snacks……

You can find out more about the recipe via Atta Kathi Rolls

So don’t hesitate to give this recipe a try and I bet you will love it!

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  • It looks yummy. I love eating veggies, too. And I’m interested to make this recipe. I bookmarked your blog post for future reference. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  • Jessica

    I have been searching for unique rolls to make recently and I am happy I found this.
    Looks very delicious and healthy. I will makes this asap.

  • Rolls of any kind interest me. I have been meaning to buy tortilla wraps for quesadillas and other kinds. This is unique!

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  • This looks like a unique way to get some more veggies into your diet!

  • oh my, it looks very nicely arranged and palatable! Yummm!

  • These rolls are a great way to combine lots of different veggies – perfect for lunch or a snack

  • I love these!! 🙂 I’m not sure about the spicy peppers but I want some!!

  • Those rolls look so deliciously flaky! That is some seriously yummy street food you have made!

  • I’m not fond of veggies but you are right, I can change the fillings. 🙂

  • Yum! These look amazing!

  • Thanks all for your comments.

  • Looks yummy and looks really appetizing! Hope I can try this soon.

  • This looks like a yummy snack to make. Was looking for the ingredient list but the widget seems to be malfunctioning coz it states no recipe found.

  • len

    this rolls looks so yummy and healthy! i wanna try this!

  • I like it spicy so I would probably add more red or green chilly peppers!

  • This is interesting. I’ll follow the link to the recipe. I am so sure my son will love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh my! Looks really yummy! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  • I like veggie rolls and I also like the Indian chapati. I miss the ones cooked by my Indian friend.

  • If I can decorate my plate as beautiful as how you arranged yours, I am almost sure that I can have my kids eat veggies. It looks amazing and I am sure it is a hit! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow!!! ang sarap naman nito 🙂

  • Ida

    We have a similar dish in the Philippines called, “empanada” and the filling can either be chicken, pork and with bits of vegetables. Baking it instead of deep frying is a healthier alternative.

  • Since I am partial to Indian cuisine, I would love to have this a go! I want to make simple Indian snacks at home.

  • I think that the recipe is so delicious, and I can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing Sis, BTW, you got a really good photos. I’m drooling! heheh

  • I’m not sure if my comments went through. Just want to let you know that the recipe that you shared looks so delicious.

  • Love! love the photos and I’m sure it taste even better. I will make this recipe soon Sis. Thanks for sharing, truly mouth watering dish. Hard to resist:)

  • AbY

    the photo made me feel hungry.. Look so tasty!