Pairing a couple of fresh vegetables for a side dish is one of my all-time favourite ways of healthy-eating. I love veggies! Yes, I do and I can eat as many veggies as I can at any point in time. Eating vegetables is one of the best strategies for staying healthy, so don't even joke with 'em'. Since you can never go wrong on vegetables, it's always a good idea to pair those vegetables that you like for an amazing outcome. Since I have a few of some fresh vegetables lying cool in my fridge, I thought it right to fix a quick coleslaw. Interestingly, the right vegetables I needed for this recipe were the ones staring at me right there in the fridge. And there we are - - a bowl of coleslaw ready to be feasted upon! This particular coleslaw recipe is one of my all-time favourite and easiest coleslaw recipes. The ingredients are quite handy and are easy to put together.

The only tedious task that you might find a little bit challenging about this recipe
, is cutting up the vegetables into tiny bits. I find it really convenient to cut up the vegetables at my leisure time and then leave them in the fridge. By so doing, they are just super handy for me to use 'em whenever I'm ready to give it a shot.

So, once the vegetables are all cut up, the coleslaw is as good as ready. Simply add the vegetables in a clean bowl, add a pinch of salt, pour hot water, stir and sieve out the hot water. Spread out the vegetables so that the steam can evaporate off the veggies, thereby leaving the veggies crispy. You can leave the veggies in the sieve for few minutes to cool down or you can put 'em' in the fridge to cool down. Just do whatever that pleases you. Once you are ready to use the coleslaw, then mix the veggies with the mayonnaise and there you go........ Enjoy!


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