Pumpkin Seed Bread Recipe

Pumpkin Seed Bread Recipe

Pumpkin seed is one of my favourite seeds,  although any other kind doesn’t really matter. Pumpkin seed bread recipe is thus a no brainer for me so I had to do what I know how to do best.

This is a recipe I have prepared severally in the past and will keep making it over and over again especially when I have few free hours on my side to spend.
pumpkin seeds bread

 Simply looking at the colourful outcome of this pumpkin bread will definitely convince you that this is a bread recipe you can’t afford to miss. It is just the right accomplishment for breakfast or any snack of the day.

Pumpkin seed bread recipe is amongst one of the bread recipes I had wanted to make last month, but I never got around to do it. Either that I didn’t have enough quantity of flour or pumpkin seeds, or I wanted to prepare something unique for my family…I always had an excuse to give {Winks}.

pumpkin_seed_bread_recipe (1)

However, yesterday witnessed me putting down my foot and insisting that I was just going to make this delectable loaf. I think the hardest part of this pumpkin seed bread recipe is combining and mixing the ingredients, otherwise the remaining steps are quite easy to get around with.

pumpkin_seed_bread_recipe (2) pumpkin_seed_bread_recipe (3)

pumpkin seed bread recipeBelieve you me, this pumpkin seed bread came out pretty fine! I was just beyond right and the outcome was so amazing. Just follow the simple recipe outlined below to make your own version of pumpkin seed bread.

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  • This looks fantastic! Will definitely try 🙂

    • As well as tastes fantastic, Monica! Many thanks for your comment and I encourage you to try out the recipe.

      I bet you will enjoy it.

  • This sounds great! It’s very unique – I haven’t seen pumpkin seeds in bread before. 🙂

    • Thanks Marye and I can assure you that pumpkin seeds in bread is just super amazing.

  • Jerry

    The bread look so colourful and yummy.