chicken thigh(2)It’s very cold here and the thoughts of warm spicy dishes are becoming the order of the day.

I usually make this recipe with whole chicken but this time around, I decided to go for the thighs only.

It is very easy and super yummy, just appetizing enough to keep my mouth delighted but simple enough for a cold weekend.

The recipe involves de-skinning the chicken thighs, adding all the necessary ingredients, mixing them together, placing them in a slow cooker oven and there you go….. All done!

chicken thigh(1)

Once cooked, you can serve with any main dish of choice or preferably you can eat them alone. Either way, they are super delicious.

I urge you to follow the simple steps outlined below to prepare your own version of slow roasted chicken thighs. Enjoy…

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  • This looks so yummy. I actually love chicken 🙂 This is perfect for the holidays.

    • They also taste yummy, Mommy Maye.

      You are absolutely right. They’re just perfect for the holidays and I wish you a blissful one.


  • The chicken looks simply dellish.

    • Thanks Dominique Goh.

      They also taste dellish.

      Best regards.

  • This is mouth-watering! I will try roasting whole chicken in my oven this holiday season.

    • Hi Allan, thanks for your compliment.

      Please do and have enough merriment, afterall this is the season.

      When you roast your whole chicken, please feel free to share the recipe with us here.


  • Perfect timing! I bought a buy1 take1 chicken promo yesterday and I can’t think any recipe aside from fried and tinola. Thanks for sharing.

    • Waoh… That’s great to hear Jess.

      Just hit your kitchen and deliciously prepare your chicken.

      Obviously buy1 take1 is a good buy, so enjoy.

      BTW, please feel free to share your own chicken recipe with us here once you are done.


  • Wow! Really looks delicious. I’ll better grab the recipe and consider it on Christmas. 🙂 Thanks

    • That will be awesome Janz!

      You can never go wrong with this recipe.

      The good thing about this recipe is that you can use it for both whole or cut chicken, even turkey.


  • This is a good recipe. I might try this during the holidays since you can’t go wrong with chicken.

    • Thanks Maria, please do try the recipe and I bet you’ll enjoy it.

      Meanwhile, have a blissful holidays.