Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake





Vanilla flavour

Allison dried yeast

The truth is that I really love cake. Although I love cake, but I have great preference….. I don’t like too sugary cakes that’s why I often prefer baking my cake so that I can control the amount of sugar going into the cake.

Every occasion has different cakes to go for the occasion and it entices me that people usually go for the best cake designs during any special occasions.

Anyone can make his or her own cake from the comfort zone of their homes but most people will rather prefer professional touches during occasions and special activities.


Apart from such special activities, anyone can make their own cake comfortably by following just a simple cake recipe.

There are various types of cakes ranging from lemon cakes, banana cakes, chocolate cakes, vanilla cake, sponge cake etc however the cake of choice for this recipe is strawberry cake.


Strawberry cake is a fascinating invention and whoever invented that strawberries could be topped up and added to cakes deserves an award.

Honestly, I love the natural sweety strawberry juice dripping through the cake as it bakes and the aroma these strawberries give to the cake is so appetising.

Strawberries are very nutritional and are rich sources of Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium and calcium. They are very affordable, healthy and delicious.

Strawberry cake is one of the amazing cake to bake. It is very delicious, juicy, quick and easy to bake.

This strawberry cake is very moist, light with spongy texture that often accompanies cakes. Moreover, the strawberries also give a characteristic appetising flavor and moisture which is boosted through the addition of melted butter.

The entire ingredients just add up together so well to give such a su–pp–ee–rr tasty cake.

Having said so, I believe you can follow the simple recipe outlined below to brew up the required ingredients for your own homemade strawberry cake.

DSCF4943 DSCF4947


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  • Becky

    This cake looks absolutely colourful and yummy. Am hitting my kitchen now to make my own strawberry cake. Thanks to globalfoodbook for this great platform.

  • Thanks for appreciating our handiwork Becky, we are glad you are going to try this out…
    Have a great week ahead!

  • Julie

    I love cake and the sight of strawberries on this cake is so lovely.

  • Julie, it’s good to know that you love cakes. You can try baking your own cakes from the comfort zone of your kitchen.