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Hi my lovely readers, I am just glad to share with you some easy steps on how to start yumming recipes from this blog. You probably may have heard of Yummly before or not but its a pleasure to let you know that this is a great platform launched in 2010 that contains gazillions of mouthwatering recipes from all over the world. Interestingly, it is also super easy to use and Yum all your favorite re

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Peanuts botanically known as Arachis hypogaea belongs to the species of legume of the Fabaceae family (Feng et., al 2012). It is an annual plant growing approximately 30 to 50 cm tall which originated from Paraguay. They are known with other names such as ground nuts, monkey nuts or pygmy nuts.According to the Peanut Institute, peanuts are rich sources of vitamin E, niacin, copper, phosphorus magn

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Chia Seeds To stay and remain healthy, you must eat only healthy foods. Unfortunately, our present day dynamic environment is not presenting an enabling platform that fosters a strict intake of only healthy foods. This is observed with the increasing production, distribution and circulation of artificial and junk foods.Furthermore, the high consumption of dietary fat and starchy food remains a m

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This sweet tamarind sauce is indeed a winning homemade sauce. Packed with tangy flavour and distinctive aroma that you definitely cannot beat any time. Check out the recipe and give it a try, I bet it will turn out to be one of your all times favourite homemade sauce.

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Corchorus soup is highly rich in nutritions. This soup is eaten in the cuisine of diverse countries.

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Great British Food Magazine

Great British Food - gourmet cuisine produced with the very best of British produce
From oyster pickers to pig farmers, and whisky producers to artisan bread makers - Great British Food travels the length and breadth of Britain to celebrate local producers and uncover new hidden gems.
If you love eating, cooking and shopping for British food, then this is the magazine for you!
Highlights include:
50+ delicious recipe ideas every issue
Expert tips and techniques to try at home
Artisan foods and kitchen gadgets put to the test
Behind-the-scenes features about producers

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The Baking Bible

Legendary baker Rose Levy Beranbaum is back with her most extensive “bible” yet. With all-new recipes for the best cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, candies, pastries, breads, and more, this magnum opus draws from Rose’s passion and expertise in every category of baking. As is to be expected from the woman who’s been called “the most meticulous cook who ever lived,” each sumptuous recipe is truly foolproof—with detail-oriented instructions that eliminate guesswork, “plan-aheads,” ingenious tips, and highlights for success. From simple everyday crowd-pleasers (Coffee Crumb Cake Muffins, Gingersnaps, Gooseberry Crisp) to show-stopping stunners (Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Tart, Mango Bango Cheesecake, White Christmas Peppermint Cake) to bakery-style pastries developed for the home kitchen (the famous French Kouign Amann), every recipe proves that delicious perfection is within reach for any baker.

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Fried Rice Recipe

Fried rice recipe is a delicious American Chinese cuisine comprised of steamed rice stir-fried in a saucepan and often mixed with vegetables and chopped meats. Follow the simple steps outlined in this recipe for your own version of delicious fried rice.

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Teak Plantation All plants are useful to humanity but some plants are more useful than the others. Since time immemorial, most plants have been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes. However, it is amazing to identify certain plants that are not only used for medicinal and culinary purposes but most importantly for construction purposes due to their durability. One of such plants that of

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There is a popular saying thus; "A blessing in disguise"  Literally meaning, "something good which is unrecognized at first". You might be pondering on the significance of this saying within the context of this article.Well, Just A Flashback.............While I was growing up, my family had more that one lime trees in our compound. Then, we would pluck the limes for several domestic purposes and s

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Dugun Pilav Recipe

Apart from Turkey, the Dugun Pilav recipe is also popular in places like Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Swahili, Asian, Jewish, Caribbean cuisines, Iranian, African, Balkan and Latin American, however each cuisine has different methods of preparations.

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Mango is an edible juicy fruit of the genus Mangifera and of the family Anacardiaceae, with many tropical fruiting trees planted. According to Ravindra & Goswami (2013) mango fruit  originated from Asia before it was distributed to other parts of the world.The fruit is sweet, although the texture and taste depends on the cultivars with some being softer, firmer, pulpy, fibrous or overripe in a

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Paneer Makhani Recipe

Paneer Makhani Recipe is a popular Indian cuisine. The dish is very palatable and so easy to prepare.

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A lovingly-written homage to the enchanting dishes of the Middle East.

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Pomegranate is botanically referred to as Punica granatum, a fruit-bearing deciduous  tree growing between 5 to 8 meters. Pomegranate is widely believed to have originated from Iran since ancient times.Presently, it is widely cultivated all over  the Mediterranean region of southern Europe, the Middle East and Caucasus region, Asia, northern and tropical Africa. It was however introduced by Spanis

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kachumbari Salad Recipe is a very healthy, easy-to-prepare and delicious salad dish. This salad is just a perfect combination with any of your main meals.

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125 Best Indoor Grill Recipes

125 Best Indoor Grill Recipes is a great book comprising of appetising recipes that work anytime. You can find recipes for dishes such as;

  • Blackened Red Fish -- the sizzling southern flavor of New Orleans

  • Greek-inspired Beef Souvlaki with Tzaziki Sauce

  • Cilantro Lime Chicken

  • Caesar Burger - Caesar Salad crossed with a hamburger

  • Portobello Mushroom Burger -- the ultimate in vegetarian cuisine

  • Three Meat Panini with Provolone -- a simple sandwich taken to new heights

  • Shrimp Satay

  • Southern Fried Chicken

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Kelewele recipe

When you think of a quick and appetizing plantain recipe to prepare for yourself, family or friends, think of Kelewele recipe. Kelewele is super delicious, appetizing and above all easy-to-prepare. Check out the recipe here.

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EatingWell Magazine

A good balance of cooking with must-have nutrition features.

EatingWell is an award-winning magazine where good taste meets good health on every page.

Each issue is filled with dozens of delicious and nutritious recipes, smart shopping tips, healthy-in-a-hurry menus and much more!

Beautiful color images illustrate never-fail, full-flavored recipes for healthful everyday eating and entertaining.


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Andrew James Ice Cream Machine

  • Winner of the Daily Mirror's Ice Cream Maker test (05.08.2014). The Ice Cream Maker was also recently voted by The Independent Newspaper as being in The Top Ten Best Ice Cream Makers

  • The Andrew James ice cream machine makes delicious homemade ice cream in only 20-30 minutes.

  • Includes 128 page recipe book packed with delicious recipes , written by Annette Yates

  • Fast freezing insulated bowl with a large 1.45 litre capacity

  • Makes ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt. extra large ingredient funnel

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