Gluten Free Coconut with Chocolate Chips Cookies

Gluten Free Coconut with Chocolate Chips Cookies


Gluten free coconut with chocolate chips cookies from globalfoodbook are made using gluten free coconut flour combined with chocolate chip cookies for an amazing bites. I know these cookies will be more cherished by my numerous gluten free fans out there that have been asking for gluten free recipes…… Yes, I think this recipe will be spot on and a safe one for them. This recipe is just spectacular because instead of using the usual wheat flour, I used gluten free coconut flour.

I bought the Nutiva organic superfood gluten free coconut flour from COTSCO wholesale few months ago and although I have the flour lying around in my kitchen cupboard these past months, I was so reluctant in making the cookies. Please don’t even ask me why…..because I have no justifiable response to give you rather than my usual time-constraint excuses {Winks, winks,, winks,,,}

The moment I sighted the pack of flour in my cupboard yesterday, I insisted that this flour will not escape my oven again, come what may! I also have a pack of chocolate chips and few other necessary ingredients needed so I thought it right to use them up asap.  The coconut flour can be substituted for one-third of wheat flour depending on the recipe you want to adopt but for this recipe, I used only the coconut flour.

DSCF6345These gluten free coconut with chocolate chips cookies turn out to be one of those cookies that I didn’t really made special plans for the preparation but they still came out very well just the way I want ’em…..
This is one thing I admire so much about baking…. initiating new ideas that fascinate me on how well the outcome turns out to be. Using a special flour that I haven’t used before, grabbing necessary baking ingredients and putting them all together to create some delicious cookies that perfectly suits my taste bud.


It is noteworthy that the high fiber content of the coconut flour increases its tendency of absorbing high quantity of liquid by an equal amount but it is entirely up to you to make your choice. Interestingly, these gluten free cookies are just the perfect snack for everyone especially school children for lunch break. The cookies are made without sugar which also qualify them for a low carb diet. The flour is filled with dietary fiber and protein which makes them super healthy and appetizing!

gluten_free_coconut,_chocolate_chips_cookies (1)The cookies were so easy to make because I already had an idea of exactly what I intend to prepare and how to prepare them. Amazingly, they kind of came out exactly how I envisaged….deliciously, aromatically and appetizingly warm.

Do follow the simple steps shown below to make for yourself some delicious cookies!

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  • These cookies look great, especially since it was your first try using coconut flour. A great simple recipe. I may try using coconut oil and stevia. Thanks!

    • Oh thanks Lisa for your compliments. I think stevia will go well on it as well

  • Love this!! I use coconut flour all the time, but have actually never made cookies using them :) Can’t wait to try this!

    • Thanks Alyssa….. Yes, give it a try and you will love it.

  • Michelle@healthiersteps

    I just bought a 3 pound bag of coconut flour and I can’t wait to start using it. This cookie will be my first attempt with this bag.

    • Wow… Michelle, this sounds like an interesting experiment.
      Go for it and I know you will love it.

  • why do you bake them a muffin pan? do they spread too much if you were to make drop cookies? either way these look great!

    • Well, It’s optional to choose whichever baking pan you feel like using.

      They don’t spread that much but I just decided to bake it the way I did.

      Thanks anyways for your compliments.