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Did you know that cinnamon is highly beneficial to humans? This post details some remarkable benefits of cinnamon that you definitely need to know. Cinnamon is a spice from the inner bark of many trees of the genus Cinnamomum which is widely used in foods. Cinnamon bark has to be processed as soon as possible while […]

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Low carb diet is an eating plan which greatly minimises the consumption of high amount of carbohydrates to reduce the onset of obesity especially with overweight individuals. Within this plan, foods such as pasta, rice, white bread, yam and sugar are replaced with foods rich in protein contents such as fish, meat, egg, cheese etc. […]

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fluid intake


Hi there, Welcome to the second stage of  kidney failure series. In this episode, a very pertinent concern regarding fluid intake for patients with kidney failures will be addressed with possible recommendations offered. However, before addressing this topic, a brief description of the main function  of a kidney will be discussed. Kidney helps to regulate […]

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My sole aim of writing this blog is to suggest to patients going through dialysis (kidney failures)  on the types of foods and the recommended daily fluid intake so as to minimise any complications associated with dialysis. Approximately two months ago, I had a chat with a nephrologist doctor friend of mine who currently consults […]

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breakfast (1)


I have been searching for a better way to structure my question. I came up with; How often do you eat breakfast? or should I say; Do You know that it is very essential to eat breakfast? How often do you skip breakfast? Are you amongst the set of individuals that ensure that breakfast is […]

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